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As an agent, you know what it means to advertise on a slim budget. You’re out there networking, generating referrals and guerrilla marketing to stretch that budget further.

You hustle to generate more real estate leads but... have you added Facebook ads into the mix?

Real estate Facebook ads are a cost-effective and fast way to get more clients. But in order to get results, you need to know how to get the most out of your social media ads. Let’s explore 8 proven techniques you can start using today to generate more clients.

Why Facebook Is the Best Platform for Real Estate

When you’re setting up real estate Facebook ads, those ads can display on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook’s partner websites. Facebook and Instagram are leading the way in terms of daily active users.

60% of Australia's log into Facebook every day. And Instagram has quickly overtaken other social media leaders like Twitter and Pinterest. It’s found its place as the #2 social media site for daily engagement.

But why specifically for real estate?

  • Real Estate Is Visual

  • Real Estate is local

  • Real Estate is Data-Driven to the Core

TIP 1. Target the RIGHT audience

The best target on Facebook is a narrow one. You don’t want 1 million random people to see your ad. You want 500-1,000 of the most perfect clients to see it. They click it. They become a client.

TIP 2. Build an ad around the right audience

Look back at who you’re targeting. Make a list of their challenges and goals. Consider which emotions you can tap into with that audience.

TIP 3. Use a captivating graphic

We’ve already established that real estate is very visual. The highest performing ads convey a message through the image. Remember. You have about 2 seconds to get someone’s attention, maybe less. Then they scroll on by. Visuals can take many forms. Consider what would entice your target.

TIP 4. Make copy easy to read

When writing Facebook ads for real estate, your top priority is to quickly, clearly convey a message. Don’t try to explain anything. Write copy that elicits an immediate response. Always lead with value rather than describing services or promoting yourself.

TIP 5. Create a clear, compelling call to action

A person should almost instantly know exactly what you want them to do. It should be very easy to do so. There should never be any confusion like having more than one CTA. And don’t make it longer than it has to be. Reducing any clutter that detracts from the CTA can increase clicks by 234%. So remember who your target is and build your CTA for that person.

TIP 6. Create a proper landing page

It’s the page that a person lands on when they click your ad. It’s most often on your own website. It’s not your about page, services page, listing pages or a home page.

A landing page is a specific page created for the specific purpose of converting prospects who click your ads into clients. It costs you money when people click and don’t convert. Testing helps you get the most out of your real estate Facebook ads budget.

TIP 7. Look at what others are doing

It never pays to re-create the wheel. There are things that work. There are real estate Facebook ads that are effective in your area.

TIP 8. Lastly.... (and also the MOST important) Test your ads

If you take anything from this blog post, it SHOULD be tip 8. You could be a natural at targeting the right audience with the right Facebook ads for real estate. But testing will always make it better. If you can get more new high value clients for less time and money, shouldn’t you? Facebook has set up a system that encourages testing. You can run 2 different ads with two smaller budgets. See which one resonates more effectively with your audience.

When measuring performance, track these important metrics for Facebook ads for real estate.

Creating real estate Facebook ads is the easy part. Optimising them to get the most leads can be challenging. Follow these 8 tips and you’re well on your way. Target narrowly. Geo-locate. Create a great landing page for each type of ad. Test everything to continually improve.

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